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Intimacy With God Through Prayer!

(James 5:13-18, John 14:13)

This is a very interesting topic to talk about.
You might want to ask, what is “Prayer” and what is “Intimacy”.
But don’t worry, we’ll get to know them better, as we proceed further in this article. So stay tuned and listen carefully to every details.

Generally, Prayer can be explicated in various forms. It can be based on religion, culture, ethics, personal beliefs, and waterview.
But basically, Prayer is an art of man communicating with a Deity or their a believed Creator.
But in Christianity, we look at Prayer as a means of accessing our own Deity, which is God. That is to say, man can only pray while on earth, unto God in Heaven. It is impossible to Pray in the afterlife.

Now, Intimacy on the other hand is, simply a very close relationship between, You and another individual. Intimacy with God can only be achieved if, the person(God), in which you’re in close relationship is also aware and conscious of the bonding or closeness. Intimacy can also be interchangeably used as “connection”, in this article.
Mathematical expression for intimacy is;
Intimacy between two people = awareness of the closeness + the rate (time) at which the closeness last.

*Why is Intimacy with God through prayers important?”*(Isaiah 59:1-2)

John 14:13 says, _”And whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that
will I do, that the Father may be glorified in
the Son”_

When you pray you’re also asking.
This passage is clear to us that, God gives to those in Intimacy with Him, He renders the opportunity to ask from Him. It would be very difficult to ask things from your earthly father if, you’re not in good Intimacy with him, right?

Let’s take an illustration using using the Wi-Fi/Hotspot network for our topic, “Intimacy with God through prayers”

There’s a passworded Hotspot (heaven’s portal), in which we have to open before we can connect to God, but don’t be worried about how to unlock this password. Or have you forgotten that “Prayer is the Master Key?”

That’s why, just like a Wi-Fi connection, every man may connect to the Hotspot that has password on it, but only few will be able to have true internet access, to that connection.
The acceptable password to enjoy all God’s benefits from His Divine Hotspot is;
Prayers from individuals with genuine repentance.
Isaiah 59:1-2 say,

_”Surely the arm of the LORD is not
too short to save, nor his ear too dull to
hear. But your iniquities have
separated you from your God; your sins have
hidden his face from you, so that he will not

In this passage, the Bible made it clear to us that, God is hearing the prayers of sinners too, but there’s no longer connection between God and Man, why? because sin can put a barrier between God and Man. Sin in the lives of some individuals have made them to lose their connection with God by staying far so away from Him, and by doing so, their connection signals become very weak to connect to God. For it is only those who are closer to God’s Hotspot, that will benefit more than those who are far away from Him, due to loss of connection by sin in their lives.

Funny enough, some have genuine repentance to posses the acceptable password to connect to God, but because they tend pay much attention to their earthly goals and achievements, rather than spending time with God. Such people don’t have time for God, unlike before, they have now become very far away from His Heavenly Hotspot, and if any individual is very far away from God’s Hotspot, it means that man will lose his connection or Intimacy with God!
My question is when will you have quality time with God?

*”How can we have intimacy with God through prayers?”* (I Thessalonians 5:17)

Like I’ve stated earlier, about the formula for Intimacy. The other individual needs to be aware also of the relationship, and the relationship must last(lengthy) i.e spend more time with such individual.
Why not spend longer time with God in prayers, it means you have time for Him, the time at which you spend with God matters alot to God. Take God on a date regularly by praying frequently, because He’s a jealous God, so He loves it whenever you pray to Him regularly.

Or do you not know that, each time you pray regularly, you’re calling God, and each time you’re calling God, you’ll definitely be on His latest call logs, which means, you’re God’s favourite, on His contact list. Wow, it’s really a nice thing to pray regularly, right?

As Christians, we ought to Pray regularly, because skipping prayers means we’re ignoring Him, which may make God feel like you’ve abandoned Him, God is always missing you each time you refuse to pray.
It’s so obvious that God will feel so jealous and unhappy whenever other religious people pray to their gods, while you refuse to pray to Him. Don’t make God unhappy by ignoring Him in terms of Praying. I’m sure our earthly fathers will feel the same way if we ignore him and ask other dads for help.

*”But why do some Christians tend to believe that we cannot have intimacy with God through prayers?”*

📌Some Christians who spend regularly time with God and still possess God’s password to connect to Him, pray amidst. Some of them don’t pray to the will of God, so they tend to think God is at fault, they begin to doubt God for not answering their prayers. But they don’t know that God’s plan are far off better than human understand. _ Jeremiah 29:11

📌Some Christians tend to listen to advice from the wrong people, like corrupted church leaders, etc. So they adhere to what they hear from such people than rather than what is written in the Bible.

📌 Some Christians are full of pride, they think that prayer is meant for only those that are passing through a lot of challenges. But for as long as you’re a Christian, you must pray every time, because even our Master Jesus also had intimacy with God through prayer. So who are you to avoid praying?

*Where to pray to have Intimacy with God?”* (1Thessalonians 5:17)

Since we should pray everytime, it means wherever we are, we must pray too. But some people do have quiet time with God in prayers, this method limits the distraction in their environment, it makes a praying individual more focused to concentrate and connect faster to God, and to have a better intimacy with Him.

*NB*: intimacy with God is not a one time relationship, it can be lost through sin, pride, carelessness, by not meditating on God’s word constantly, and by not praying regularly.

Call God frequently, by praying, you’ll see that you’ll remain on top of His call logs, His intimacy with you becomes stronger. And surely will you be updated in His heart as you pray regularly. But if otherwise, it means you’re not connecting frequently, which means you can be out of His daily “call history”.

“The more you pray, is the more you become close to Him, and the more you become close to Him, is the more you enjoy Him”

Part of your prayers should be,

“Lord, please give me the grace to always be consistent in terms of Praying”


©️ *Adefemi Olajide*

By Adefemi Olajide

A Spoken Words Artiste || A Writer/Poet || An Inspirational Speaker || A Sport & Health Analyst|| A Teacher of the Word & Science.

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