The Love Message

And This Love Message Is no other Person than the Birthday Celebrant Himself, _Jesus Christ._
For God to offer His Firstborn, as an atonement for our sin, exhibits the *GREATEST FORM OF LOVE* in the entire universe. It means that, He loved us first, even before we were yet to be born.
In other words, let us love This _Love Message_ and worship This Sacrificial Lamb. Because He humbly left His Heavenly glory and came down to Earth to lay down His life unto mankind.
Often times, we do say;
“Everyday isn’t Christmas.”
We are very correct. But still yet, as True Believers, Everyday should be a our own Christmas. In the sense that, every moment should be a medium of being grateful to God for sending Mankind This _Love Message_ unto Mankind.
We shouldn’t be grateful to This Love Message only on Christmas Day. We shouldn’t just enjoy the merriment in Christmas alone.
Why? Because This _Love Message_ we are celebrating Is the Centre Figure of This Christianity. That’s the more reason He should not only be celebrated and remembered only on Christmas Day. It should be something we ought to do more often.
The Birth Of This _Love Message_ is so significant.
_The Birth of Jesus brought God to man, and His death, brought man to God_
Our salvation took place because, This _Love Message_ died for Mankind. Funny enough, you cannot die, if you’re not born. For Jesus was born to die, for You and I to live. And to make this _Love Message_ happy and proud of you, you have to die in Him so that you can be resurrected and be born of Him. And I’m so proud to say it that, This _Love Message_ still loves you. Each moment that crosses your path. Be thankful, celebrate, glorify, honour and worship His Holy Name.
Do experience an astonishing *Merry Christmas Celebration and A Happy New Year in advance.*🎅🎁🥳

©️ *Adefemi Olajide*

By Adefemi Olajide

A Spoken Words Artiste || A Writer/Poet || An Inspirational Speaker || A Sport & Health Analyst|| A Teacher of the Word & Science.

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