Happy World Football Day to Us 2

You can delete the RAM part of football from our eyes to see, but you cannot delete the ROM part of it from our brain.
You’ll definitely have accusers and critics because of your love and passion towards football.
But that’s still the sacrifice you have to take, follow your heart, follow your passion for it, and it will definitely be the gauge for your obsession towards it.
Be happy that you’re not a drug addict, be glad you’re not a chain smoker or a regular nightclub attendant. But a wonderful and devoted football supporter.
Football will forever be a part and parcel of us. Each and everyone of us always wish this beautiful exists in the afterlife.

This is dedicated to all intent football lovers across the globe. Happy World Football Day to Us!💪⚽

By Adefemi Olajide

A Spoken Words Artiste || A Writer/Poet || An Inspirational Speaker || A Sport & Health Analyst|| A Teacher of the Word & Science.

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