A September to Step into God’s number

Here we are, into a very special month, which is the month of September.
Only September has the same number of letters corresponding to its position in a year.
It is simply the 9⃣th Month with nine powerful letters.
Here with me are 9⃣ powerful WORDS containing 9⃣ powerful LETTERS that may help you this month of SEPTEMBER.
🕘The SCRIPTURE must to be your daily subscription.
🕘 EARNESTLY seek Him in terms of relentless Praises and Thanksgiving.
🕘 Be PRAYERFUL everytime and everywhere.
🕘 Don’t think you know all, simply be TRAINABLE
🕘 ECONOMIZE your resources whether they come in abundance or not
🕘 MAGNETIZE yourself with people who are hungry for success.
🕘 BARRICADE every atom of doubt and fear from entering your soul.
🕘 ELIMINATE the habit of “I CAN’T”. Instead, inculcate the habit of “I CAN”
🕘Be REACHABLE to the needy and the oppressed.
Remember, that this month is the 9⃣th month of the year.
So, you’re now like a player wearing the number 9⃣ jersey, which means that your major aim is to provide goals and stamp a victory for yourself and make your fans happy.👏🏽
Because we are on His Divine NUMBER, we cannot be a MEMBER of the casualties of the EMBER months.
Do have a superb, fantastic and a victorious September.😊
Happy New Month.🥳
©️ Adefemi Olajide

By Adefemi Olajide

A Spoken Words Artiste || A Writer/Poet || An Inspirational Speaker || A Sport & Health Analyst|| A Teacher of the Word & Science.

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