Your Problem Is The Solution To Your Problem!

In life, everyone is a surfer. Each and everyone of us, has been given a surfing board. When life comes up with unpleasant and disturbing circumstances. Will you vamoose from your surfing board Or will use the surfing board to utilize the waves and tides that life is giving to you, so as to move forward and make better performances in life?

A gentle, cool and calm sea, will never build an outstanding surfer! Never will it bring out the hidden skills and talents in you. Because, there won’t be any strong current to push you going. You’ll just remain on one spot and probably sink, since you’re no longer in motion on the sea surface. That’s the reason some people are sinking with their problems today. Remember that, waves and tides are always coming and going, in ups and downs. And this up and down movement, are the main tools of any outstanding surfer.

Problems will surely and will always come. It’s now left for you to convert those problems into tools and solutions in order for you to move forward. Make good use of any incoming problem and see how great you can really surf over them to establish you for your true greatness. You might also think some problems, waves and tides could kill you. But still yet, why not take the risk?

Some problems are scary to surf on. But let your hatred for stagnancy strike you, let your hunger for progress hunt you and let your passion for forwardness fish you. With these, you can have the sufficient vibes and motivation to break limits to more than what you can actually achieve. So, I’ll implore us not to complain or make excuses about the waves and tides and the ups and downs of life.

Instead of lamenting and complaining, use them to move forward! Tides are so violent that they unleash the true potentials in you. They unlock things that will make you more prepared to survive the next ones to come. Waves are steady frequencies that keeps you going in a periodic manner so you can reach your destination.

How boring would it be to a wonderful Surfer, without he having to experience turbulent waves and tides, during the course of his performance. If You cannot be a Surfer over your problems now; then your problems will make you Suffer even now and tomorrow!

For God has incorporated into you, the inner surfing board; that packaged gift from above, that hidden potential in you, that will help you surf over your problems. This potential cannot be unsealed or unlocked without you overcoming your incoming problems with the gifts He has bestowed upon you. Make Him proud, by using it well against your waves and tides. Rather than complaining.

Just like in physics, that every entity will continue to be in a state of stagnancy unless an external force is acted on the entity..
You can’t even think about moving without introducing a force.
what is that external force?

Your waves! If something/someone is not attacking you, it means you are too weak to break barriers and make records.

Just like in football, if you are a good striker, several defenders will always attack only you!âšŊ

But a weak striker would only be attacked by one defender, defenders will tend to careless on a weak striker because they know a weak striker can’t break the barrier.

Do have a wonderful surfing performance ahead!🏄🌊🏄‍♀

+Šī¸ *Adefemi Olajide*

By Adefemi Olajide

A Spoken Words Artiste || A Writer/Poet || An Inspirational Speaker || A Sport & Health Analyst|| A Teacher of the Word & Science.

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