To whom it may concern!

At this your youthful age, this is not the time to start messing around, you better sit down and think about your life on how to update your “LIFE SYSTEM”, you can’t remain like this forever, your “LIFE SYSTEM” has been displaying “PLEASE YOU NEED TO UPDATE ME!”, but You kept on swiping it away, left and then right, for how long do you want to remain on this your current version?, what you’ll become in the future is not by guessing, it’s about THINKING!

How can you end great when you’ve not started thinking great?, Your thinking is simply the beginning of your greatness, the fuel you put up on your thoughts is what will journey you there, so i implore you use your time wisely to sit down and and think thoroughly to add more fuel for your journey.

Think well because any decision swimming in your thoughts may end up deviating you from God’s plan for you. Avoid making unnecessary noise because it causes distortion for you not to think well, instead, use this Quarantine period to have a quiet time, and see how your life will begin to experience System update!



By Adefemi Olajide

A Spoken Words Artiste || A Writer/Poet || An Inspirational Speaker || A Sport & Health Analyst|| A Teacher of the Word & Science.

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